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At WTNM Florist Association, Inc., we are here to help you cultivate and expand your horizons as a florist. We stand as a community of diversified florists seeking to gain insight into the floral world to strengthen how we do business. Here, you will be afforded the opportunity to learn from fellow florists, be in the know for the latest conventions, competitions, and the trending floral techniques and business approaches.

Reasons To Join Our

Learn From Experts

When you sign up for a membership with us, you gain a world of insights and resources from leading florist experts both locally and nationwide.

Staying Connected

WTNM Florist Association, Inc. opens the doors to so many beneficial groups and conventions such as The Florist Federal Credit Union and Future Florist Program to help you make the connections you need to expand your business.

Become Inspired

With so much exposure, you will be amazed at the inspiration that will derive from joining us!

Our Mission
To promote and encourage the exchange between members of ideas, principles, policies and methods of conducting the floral business, to promote good feeling and honest dealing with other florists and the public; and to further generally the floral industry.

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As a florist, you have goals; dreams you aspire for each year. And whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned entrepreneur seeking to expand, you have found a friend in us. We are here to connect you with the people and business practices you need to become the florist you have always wanted to be.

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