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The benefits of becoming a member of WTNM Florist Association, Inc. are without end. Not only will you be connected with a world of florists for inspiration, you will be the first to explore conventions and more. Take a look to see why being a member is beneficial to you!


Take a moment to review some of the benefits to joining our florist organization!

The Florist Federal Credit Union

A strong, full service credit union.

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The Windmill

A publication of WTNM to keep the members abreast of the latest floral news, locally and nationally. Available in hard copy and online. Offers low advertising costs.

Annual Convention

Our annual convention consists of a complete trade show and design show with nationally recognized designers, along with plenty of social activities for fun and fellowship. Members receive special rates.

Future Florist Program

The annual convention provides the next generation of florists a chance to learn and have fun at the same time.


Held several times each year featuring both hands-on and classroom style seminars. Members receive special rates.

Annual Yearbook

Packed full of information on suppliers and fellow members. This is another chance for low cost advertising.

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